Workplace Consultancy

Workplace Consultancy


Achieving an understanding of your staff and processes will allow you to increase the effectiveness of your office space to better support staff performance and business objectives.

A successfully implemented workplace strategy will:

•    Maximise efficiency and productivity
•    Adapt to change
•    Reduce occupational costs
•    Reduce underutilised office space
•    Improve staff engagement and motivation

Space Solutions workplace consultancy focuses on the relationship between people and space to establish real spatial needs and improve productivity.

We engage your staff with an established set of consultancy tools to formulate a strategic brief for your workplace which will include staff numbers, plans for expansion, interdepartmental links, storage requirements, meeting room requirements, reception functionality and other information crucial to your business.

A complete picture of your organisations spatial requirements are built from understanding individual departmental workspace requirements, local support and central support spaces.

The output of this process is a square metre spatial requirement as well as a detailed menu of spaces that make up this number. This number allows the organisation to ‘right size’ itself either within a new building or by rationalising their current space.

This information is used in the space planning phase, ensuring the key elements of the strategic brief are manifested in any new design for the workspace.

Having a clearly defined workplace strategy provides opportunities to re-task under-utilised space or reduce costs through building disposal or sub-letting of excess space.