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Space Solutions announce their new Glasgow office

Posted on Thu, 2015-12-03 11:40 by Company News

Like many businesses we were facing several challenges at once. Our lease had come up for renewal, the staff numbers had been changing, growth was forecast for the coming months and the layout of the office was not conducive to the collaborative nature of our business.

We had a simple question: Show we stay, or go? The first option was to reconfigure the space and make our operational practice more efficient, however we had other drivers. We wanted to use our office to showcase our expertise: To demonstrate best practice for office design. The identification of a property that was centrally located to our target audience and which contained a larger floor template than we currently enjoyed, meant we decided to move. With this blank canvas we considered how our business needed to operate, how to design the office to be as efficient as possible and how to convey to staff and customers what great design looked like.

Space Solutions started with a simple project vision that was to balance efficient provision of office space with space that effectively supports the business requirements. In addition the space was to convey the vision of Space Solutions as a forward thinking design consultancy.

The business required a combination of owned desks, shared desking and the capacity for the multi- disciplined teams to collaborate. This space was provided with a static occupancy density of 10.5sq.m per person net internal area (NIA) and a dynamic occupancy density of 7.5sq.m per person NIA which is very efficient when benchmarked against BCO guidelines of 8-13sq.m per Person NIA.

The development of planned collaboration spaces created zones which protected team “neighbourhoods”. Products such as LED lighting improve environmental performance, to reduce energy consumption, while cutting edge partition systems, feature lighting, acoustic attenuation measures and a bespoke feature moss wall demonstrate that the company is up to date with the latest products that form an integral part of its key services.

Within days of moving into our new environment the positive impact was immediate. Visitors continue to be impressed and our clients love to "pop" in. If you fancy a look then please get in touch.

New address: 140 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 2HG

Click Here to view more images of our new Glasgow office