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Design & Fit-out

Thorntons Investment Management Ltd were undergoing growth and required larger office space. They occupied a smaller wing within the Thornton Head Quarters building at Whitehall House, Dundee which had 24 staff with meeting room and staff break out facilities. The new office is primarily to allow for growth to 38 in the short term and 50+ longer term. In addition to the staff increase the new office is to be a flagship to launch Thorntons Investment Management Ltd both locally and nationally.

The key objectives for the new office were to create a reception area and public meeting spaces to have high visual impact to make best impression for visitors arriving via common lift lobby/stairwell. In order to keep costs reasonable, we were to re-use 24No existing workstations, and furniture where practical.

Taking account of all of the above, we designed and built the following areas:
Reception, Waiting area, Mail room/tea prep, 8-10 person meeting room, 20 Person Board room, Thinking Area, Open Plan- 54 workstations, CEO- Workspace, 1No central copy print area, 2No 3-4 person meeting/Study areas, 1No Staff break out- seats 34 staff, 1No comms/server room.

The Reception has been designed to be both functional and impressive. The desk with feature lighting is positioned directly in front of the entrance doors to welcome visitors and staff on arrival. Soft furnishings and a calm palette of finishes are accented with the corporate logo, with a feature wall screening the thinking area behind. Glass partitioning to the meeting room and the windows at the waiting area ensure the reception area benefits from natural daylight.

The meeting spaces and thinking room are all positioned near the reception for ease of access and for confidentiality, and the staff breakout area and focus rooms are all located at the rear of the office for practicality.

The open plan space provides an optimised workspace, and provides the required expansion from Thorntons Investments. The works were self-delivered and managed by our construction brand, Transform, who provided an all-trades solution including glass partitioning, flooring, door sets, decoration, plumbing and suspended ceilings. Transform also provided site management and supervision to enable the project to be completed on time.

Space Solutions have transformed the 4th floor area into an office suite synonymous with the quality and services offered by Thorntons Investment Management Ltd.