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Design & Fit-out

As a leading provider of cloud-based software, Brightree were looking to upgrade their office space as a way of attracting and retaining staff. Their new placement within the ground floor of their current building of residence provided them with a more prominent street level position and greater space to accommodate the rapidly growing business. 

Brightree were looking for a contemporary space to reflect the company’s ethos “It’s more than just work”. This provokes a sense of pride in employees whilst acting as an attractive selling point to recruits. SPACE highlighted the existing classical features of the traditional building previously lost in a sea of pastel banality. Bold but calm colours of navy blue, grey and taupe created a sharp and distinctive aesthetic in the main office space. The space planning relocated the main spine of circulation to the middle of the office creating ‘rooms’ to either side, further divided by a centrally placed meeting room. The space was softened acoustically with wall mounted felt panels; generating a workplace conducive to working both collaboratively and independently.

Brightree’s nearly-new furniture, bought in 2015 when SPACE performed previous refurbishment for the company, was re-used to good effect. The warm walnut finish used as a feature with the new black framed desk top screens tied harmoniously in with the striking black framed glazed screen at the new meeting room. 

The retention of the pendant uplighters and rear meeting room further added to the cost effectiveness of the refurbishment. The Break-Out area is open to the rest of the office but defined both acoustically and visually with vibrant green hanging felt screens as well as a bright acid yellow wall. The toilet areas were cost efficiently refreshed with new vanity units, tiling and decoration.