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  • This week, official labour statistics in Scotland showed a decline in productivity in the economy of 3.2% in the year to September 2017. In the UK, we already lag behind other developed nations when it comes to productivity – lagging 15.4% compared to the rest of the G7 nations in 2016 – so we can ill afford to lose further ground in a global economy. So, how do we address the productivity gap? As with all complex problems, the solution is equally complex and they revolve around the three pillars of people, technology and place.
    Posted on 15/02/18 by Martin Dempsey
  • Millenials in the office
    I’ve read plenty of scholarly articles and research about the impact of millennials in the workplace. In fact, people were still writing about how millennials would want a different type of workplace when those millennials were already stepping up to leadership roles throughout the world. To put it in context, Emmanuel Macron, the President of France is a millennial. Now, Generation Z are joining the workforce
    Posted on 08/02/18 by Martin Dempsey
  • Really Sad Latte
    Yesterday was #BlueMonday, statistically the most depressing day of the year. Research showed that over 61% of people said they “felt depressed” heading to work yesterday and how many couldn’t even muster the emotional strength to cross the threshold? While Tesco are giving out free fruit and larger businesses are offering a ‘Duvet Day’ allowance for exactly those kinds of days, what should the SME look to do in 2018? What should their resolutions be? While I can’t speak for them, I can give you a glimpse of my own.
    Posted on 16/01/18 by Claire Carmichael
  • Christmas has almost arrived and most workplaces are a frenetic hive of activity as deadlines loom before year-end. Christmas nights out are planned, celebrated, forgotten. Christmas shopping is done, letters to Santa written, family visits endured...
    Posted on 14/12/17 by Space Solutions
  • when to panic in your project programme
    “How was your weekend?” I asked a colleague. I was unprepared for his answer. He’d enjoyed an overnight in an aquarium with his son's Beavers Troop and naturally, some of the boys had panicked a little at sleeping under the sharks on the cold concrete floor. My advice is to get your panic in early.
    Posted on 07/12/17 by Rupert Seager
  • view from the train window
    I’m writing this on the train from Glasgow to Aberdeen, which seems like the best use of the rather unreliable on-board Wi-Fi. ​Having dropped my small person at nursery at 8am, not due to see him until around 11pm tomorrow night. It got me thinking about "balance". With almost three-quarters of mothers with dependent children are now in full- or part-time work​, the landscape for working parents and organisations is shifting. We must both be flexible to stay ahead.
    Posted on 30/11/17 by Claire Carmichael
  • ugly house to lovely house collage
    I love design programmes, most designers do. After a long day in the office designing intelligent working spaces for clients, I still love nothing more than kicking off my shoes, grabbing a cup of tea and settling in for an episode of ‘DIY SOS’ or ‘Restoration Man’. Typically, the morning after ‘Grand Designs’ airs, the studio will descend into an impassioned discussion on every detail of the episode. Recently, we discovered ‘Ugly House to Lovely House’ and our typical, first-coffee-run-of-the-day discussions now have a new recurring theme; “dream schemes”.
    Posted on 23/11/17 by Louise Connor
  • Festive office desk
    Out shopping last week, I realised that the Christmas soundtrack was on at full tilt. With less than 50 days to Christmas; roughly 1000 hours to go. Are you even excited yet? Or are you already fed up with half price chocolate calendars offers before the first door has even opened? What are your thoughts on Christmas songs in the office? When, if at all , is it appropriate to “festivise” the, already notoriously controversial, workplace soundtrack? How soon is Too soon for Christmas songs? I decided to canvas opinion in our offices and these rather ‘animated’ discussions got me thinking about the delicate artform of office compromise.
    Posted on 16/11/17 by Kirsty Laing
  • high bench glasgow office collaboration space
    Successful businesses of any size tend to display two key attributes: the ability to develop creative solutions and strong decision making. These are traits we would commonly associate with individuals, so, does success come from having more people like that? While more great people probably couldn’t hurt, it isn’t purely a numbers game. The reality is that the businesses who establish the right environment for teams to successfully collaborate are the ones who achieve success. Collaboration, while definitely a catchy ‘buzzword’ is much more than just ‘knowledge sharing’
    Posted on 09/11/17 by Lucy Galloway
  • gargoyle
    Freshly returned from a long weekend in Paris and having never visited the city before, I was blown away by the beauty and splendour of the city. Any film buff could tell you how stunning it is, but to experience the grand scale of the 'master plan' alongside even the smallest detail has left me inspired and appreciating the working environment I came back to.
    Posted on 02/11/17 by Jim Divine
  • Pumpkin in the window
    Standing in the atmospheric Scottish drizzle gripping the hand of a tiny Princess Elsa or the hand of a slightly bigger Lego ninja and you slowly realise that you have a lot of neighbours that you don’t really know. From the street, you can make a reasonable instinctive judgement on which houses will be welcoming to kids and families, which will open the door and complete the perfunctory ‘treat for trick’ transaction and which will feign a power-cut. The next time you walk into your workplace – or someone else’s – give some thought to how welcoming it is to a new visitor.
    Posted on 26/10/17 by Martin Dempsey
  • Round Pounds
    This weekend saw the demise of the round pound coin and the dawn of a new dodecagonal era. It is estimated that coins to the value of £500m are still in piggy banks, glove compartments and down the backs of sofas all over the UK, even though from 11.59pm on Sunday night, they ceased to be legal tender. Despite being warned about this repeatedly for over a year, we've still been caught out! The truth is, as a rule, we humans are not huge fans of change (the transformative kind, that is) and sometimes without a deadline we’d rather just carry on as we were. In the workplace, this jolt normally takes the form of a lease event.
    Posted on 19/10/17 by Jim Divine
  • OfficeJam
    It’s the ultimate music cliché – the “difficult second album”. Musicians spend their youth perfecting their craft, writing and re-writing their songs, playing terrible gigs, then better gigs, then great gigs Finally, after years of effort, they “breakthrough” and success beckons. Now they’re gigging furiously, touring the country and enjoying their success. The trouble is that it’s the second album that often defines whether a band ‘makes it’ or not. The same is true for start-up businesses.
    Posted on 12/10/17 by Martin Dempsey
  • I’m not ashamed to admit that there is a certain level of pedantry that is required to manage a database and I do it with enthusiasm. A particular favourite in the list of maintenance activities is after every out-bound mail; I put my glasses on, my headphones in, I boot up a playlist and start reading the “out of offices”. As I work my way through the one or two line emails, sometimes my mind can wander and I push myself back from my desk and consider the individuals on the other side of the emails.
    Posted on 05/10/17 by Claire Carmichael
  • Getting change right – the three pillars of a workplace project The Roman philosopher Seneca wrote, “ignoranti quem portum petat, nullus suus ventus est”, which means “if you don’t know which port you are sailing to, then no wind is favourable”. At...
    Posted on 28/09/17 by Martin Dempsey
  • Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
    I had the pleasure of speaking at the FutureScot Asset Management Conference last week at Glasgow Caledonian University. In the room were the leading lights of the Public Sector’s property community with the conference led off by a keynote address from Morag Angus, the Scottish Government’s Chief Surveyor.
    Posted on 21/09/17 by Kirsty Laing
  • Last year, discussions around the kitchen table turned to a new car and I thought, being an inclusive and consensus-building dad, that I would get the requirements from everyone.
    Posted on 14/09/17 by Martin Dempsey
  • Newly Graduated Toni McCall discusses life after graduation as she transitions from full-time student to full-time Interior Designer at Space Solutions. Having started her Space journey 20 months ago as a part-time placement while studying, she discusses how she has grown with the company into her success of graduating with a 2.1 from Edinburgh Napier University.
    Posted on 22/08/17 by Toni Maria McCall
  • First day at school
    My youngest has her first day at school this month. I’m sure there will be tears, potential for tantrums and plenty of histrionics but my wife will eventually calm down.
    Posted on 14/08/17 by Martin Dempsey