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  • OfficeJam
    It’s the ultimate music cliché – the “difficult second album”. Musicians spend their youth perfecting their craft, writing and re-writing their songs, playing terrible gigs, then better gigs, then great gigs Finally, after years of effort, they “breakthrough” and success beckons. Now they’re gigging furiously, touring the country and enjoying their success. The trouble is that it’s the second album that often defines whether a band ‘makes it’ or not. The same is true for start-up businesses.
    Posted on 12/10/17 by Martin Dempsey
  • I’m not ashamed to admit that there is a certain level of pedantry that is required to manage a database and I do it with enthusiasm. A particular favourite in the list of maintenance activities is after every out-bound mail; I put my glasses on, my headphones in, I boot up a playlist and start reading the “out of offices”. As I work my way through the one or two line emails, sometimes my mind can wander and I push myself back from my desk and consider the individuals on the other side of the emails.
    Posted on 05/10/17 by Claire Carmichael
  • Getting change right – the three pillars of a workplace project The Roman philosopher Seneca wrote, “ignoranti quem portum petat, nullus suus ventus est”, which means “if you don’t know which port you are sailing to, then no wind is favourable”. At...
    Posted on 28/09/17 by Martin Dempsey
  • Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
    I had the pleasure of speaking at the FutureScot Asset Management Conference last week at Glasgow Caledonian University. In the room were the leading lights of the Public Sector’s property community with the conference led off by a keynote address from Morag Angus, the Scottish Government’s Chief Surveyor.
    Posted on 21/09/17 by Kirsty Laing
  • Last year, discussions around the kitchen table turned to a new car and I thought, being an inclusive and consensus-building dad, that I would get the requirements from everyone.
    Posted on 14/09/17 by Martin Dempsey
  • Newly Graduated Toni McCall discusses life after graduation as she transitions from full-time student to full-time Interior Designer at Space Solutions. Having started her Space journey 20 months ago as a part-time placement while studying, she discusses how she has grown with the company into her success of graduating with a 2.1 from Edinburgh Napier University.
    Posted on 22/08/17 by Toni Maria McCall
  • First day at school
    My youngest has her first day at school this month. I’m sure there will be tears, potential for tantrums and plenty of histrionics but my wife will eventually calm down.
    Posted on 14/08/17 by Martin Dempsey